Why transvaginal mesh is talked about?

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April 3, 2016
transvaginal mesh complications
Complications in the treatment of transvaginal mesh implant
March 25, 2019

Why transvaginal mesh is talked about?

Transvaginal mesh complications

Transvaginal mesh is a net-like implant that is popularly used in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse. POP is a condition where the bladder, uterus, and/or rectum fall out of their intended location causing difficulty.

Transvaginal mesh complications

Unfortunately, it so happened that there’s a big controversy over the transvaginal mesh material. Physicians, before the concept of mesh implant used to follow a procedure called native tissue repair with the help of absorbable sutures. It, however, had about 30% failure rate when the medical professionals looked for other options

The TVM implant was then used to correct incontinence and to repair abdominal hernias as well. The use of this treatment became common by the early 2000s

Although mesh is also used to treat stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and POP, the FDA issued a safety communication for both the patients and the doctors which warned them about the probable health effects of the implant. The statement however, came much late when already thousands of patients have been the victim of faulty mesh implant.

Complications with transvaginal mesh

Mesh exposure, mesh contraction, pelvic pain, and painful sexual intercourse are some of the major health complications cited in the FDA safety communication. The FDA communication explains that painful sexual intercourse and pelvic pain are the result of mesh contraction and mesh exposure. But these symptoms are known to occur even when the mesh is not contracted or exposed. One of the causes of such mishaps is when the surgeon is not skilled enough and misplaces the mesh. This is why patients are urged to have regular follow up post the surgery.

This brings to one of the main allegations about the transvaginal mesh. Patients who had the surgery but faced mesh erosion were advised to have revision surgery. As understood, any surgical procedure is challenging and leaves a certain scar in regular day to day activity. Corrective surgery was not always successful in one sitting but often requires multiple checkups and intervention. This creates a huge hindrance in having a quality everyday life.

Vaginal mesh complications may include:

  • Erosion through vaginal wall or the neighboring soft tissues
  • Organ perforation where there is severe mesh erosion
  • Urinary tract infections or similar problems
  • Vaginal shrinkage mainly caused from mesh contraction
  • Nerve damage or chronic pain along the pelvic as well as abdominal organs
  • Infection at the site of mesh implantation
  • Development of scar tissue in vagina or neighboring areas
  • Chronic health conditions leading to emotional distress


Transvaginal mesh complications are not diagnosed timely can cause life threatening situation. If they are diagnosed really late, it can leave the patient with permanent disability. Get medical help immediately if any of the following signs are prevalent:

  • Bladder symptoms – this would include difficulty in urinating, urinary frequency or urgency, recurrent urinary tract infections, blood in urine, unnecessary discharge
  • Vaginal symptoms – it can any form of vaginal pain, irregular vaginal bleeding, abnormal discharge, pain during intercourse
  • Abdominal symptoms – it mainly consists of abdominal pain, pain during regular physical movement, swelling or sudden inflammation

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